Dancer – Choreographer – Instructor

Producer – Actor

Saba is a versatile and innovative dancer, choreographer and instructor. She is known for her uniqueness in both traditional and fusion styles of African, Middle Eastern and related dance forms. Her background being Ethiopian dance, Saba has further training and performing experience in styles such as Congolese Soukous, West African and Bellydance. She trained with Sonya Mann McFarlane of Imani Edutainers (USA), Yasmina Ramzy and Denise Mireau of Arabesque, DLM Studio and more. Saba ran Jaivah Nouvel Exposé African Dance Troupe as a choreographer and dancer for 10 years, performing Ethiopian, Congolese and Afrofusion. She taught Bellydance and BellyHop at Arabesque Academy for 8 years and was a lead dancer with Arabesque Dance Company. She also performs solo and collaborates with many Toronto African musicians.

Saba has embarked on a new direction: film. She produced and acted in the independent movie Two Ways to Heaven, written and directed by Dawit Addisu. Two Ways to Heaven is about a case of two missing youth that joins the fates of a group of Ethiopian immigrants, a low level drug dealer, a corrupt cop and a business tycoon during the most scandalous time of the city and its mayor. It’s a thrilling drama based on true events, in the Ethiopian Amharic language with English subtitles. It premiered in January 2017 and will be screened at the Habari Africa Festival on August 12, 2017 at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.

Going forward Saba will be promoting Two Ways to Heaven for further screenings and is in pre-production stage for another film.